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Village of Lincolnshire Board met March 1

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Apr 3, 2018

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Village of Lincolnshire met March 1.

Here is the minutes provided by the Board:

Approved Minutes of the regularly scheduled Architectural Review Board held on March 1, 2018, in the Public Meeting Room of the Village Hall, One Olde Half Day Road, Lincolnshire, IL.

Present: Chairperson Kennerley, Members Baskin, Mccall, Orzeski And Tapia

Absent: Trustee-liaison Hancock And Member Jensen.

Also Present: Tonya Zozulya, Economic Development Coordinator.

Call To Order

1.0 Roll Call

The roll was called by Tonya Zozulya, Economic Development Coordinator, and Chairperson Kennerley declared a quorum to be present.

2.0 Approval Of Minutes

2.1 Approval of the Minutes of the Architectural Review Board Held on Tuesday,

January 16, 2018.

Member Orzeski moved and Member McCall seconded the motion to approve the minutes as written for the January 16, 2018, Architectural Review Board. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

3.0 Items Of General Business

3.1 Consideration and Discussion of an Amendment to the Marriott Resort Master Sign Plan regarding Directional and Wall Sign Revisions for the Marriott Resort, 10 Marriott Drive (Signarama Deerfield).

Ken Pywell, Owner of Signarama, Deerfield addressed the Board stating he is representing College Park Athletic Club (CPAC) which currently operates and occupies the racquet club for the past year. He and CPAC have been working with Marriott to make the club more identifiable on the property. The proposal is to change the existing 3 ground signs and the wall sign on the racquet club. On each of the ground signs, Ken Pywell stated the letters, “CPAC”, would be added next to the existing ‘RACQUET CLUB” name; same color and size. In regards to the wall sign, the 20 foot box sign will be removed and replaced with the “CPAC” design; presenting both day and nighttime silhouette illustrations. In response to questions from Tonya Zozulya, Ken Pywell stated the sign on the building will not produce a glare or exposed tubing.

Chairperson Kennerley inquired about the metal backing behind the existing wall sign, which was thought to be Corten steel on the building, if, once the existing sign box is removed, will there be any halo effect from the old lettering. Ken Pywell noted typically, some patching and cleaning has to occur; but that part of the steel wall that was not exposed to sunlight; you will see a difference in which Chaiperson Kennerly asked what could be done to eliminate it, is the surface paintable? Ken Pywell said this type of surface naturally oxidizes over time. Tonya Zozulya inquired if Marriott has made any reference to the Corten steel wall treatment; Ken Pywell said Marriott is leaving that up to Signarama, if upon removal, they could do an acid wash to make sure the finished product matches.

Member Tapia cautioned about other businesses in the Marriott complex requesting similar logo signage on the monument signs and building.

Member Baskin moved the Architectural Review Board recommends approval to the Village Board of the amendment to the Marriott Master Sign Plan amendment to permit revisions to the existing directional signs and a new Racquet Club wall sign for the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort located at 10 Marriott Drive, as presented in the petitioners cover letter and presentation packet dated February 6, 2018 and further subject to the final look of the sign, the petitioner take appropriate steps to insure no halo effect or shadowing from the previous sign box.

Tonya Zozulya asked Ken Pyrell if he can accept the additional conditions in regards to the look of the sign upon a final inspection, in which he noted until they remove the old sign, they do not know what kind of conditions they will find but added if College Park is not happy with the sign, he is certain they will let him know. He further stated this is CPAC brand and he feels they will be as concerned about the final appearance as the Village is.

Member Orzeski seconded, the motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

3.2 Consideration and Discussion of a Minor Amendment to the Lincolnshire Marketplace Planned Unit Development regarding a Revised Outdoor Patio Pergola Design for Culver’s Restaurant, 405 Milwaukee Avenue (CulvLinc, LLC).

Chris McGuire of McCon Building Corporation, General Contractor representing Kevin Weasler of Culver’s addressed the Board. He stated he raised concerns regarding swaying of the pergola structure, indicating they would like approval to change the materials from an earth tone cedar material to a white-colored aluminum which is more durable and provide a nice accent to the building. The proposal would eliminate the need for umbrellas which Tonya Zozulya noted this board was not in favor of the umbrellas, but the Village Board allowed them at final approval. Member Baskin questioned the design and color of the pergola, how does this tie into the building; adding the white metal does not seem to blend in adding he does not have an issue with it being aluminum, but the color and design as presented is an issue for him.

Chris McGuire presented photographs of other Culver’s buildings to the Board, Member Baskin commenting the structure looks too much like Greek revival with all that detail around the columns; the petitioner should make it simpler. Member Orzeske and Chairperson Kennerley agreed, adding the earth tones as previously approved were more desirable. The white is not blending in and the only other color available is black. Could the petitioner provide the material boards to view? Chairperson Kennerley noted she understands their need to change the material, but there have been several revisions to the exterior on Culver’s, this board needs to look at the totality of it all since there have been many minor changes over the course of building construction that have been reviewed by the Architectural Review Board.

Chris McGuire noted they are getting ready for finals on this project; adding they may also be requesting some additional changes to the exterior signs, would they be allowed to front light the signs? Tonya Zozulya stated all the signs and exterior elements have been approved as a package by this board and the Village Board, and having just heard about the sign lighting issue tonight, this would have to be approved through the Architectural Review Board and possibly the Village Board. Chris McGuire stated he is only asking for an indication at this time if there was a possibility to make those signs front lit in which Tonya Zozulya stated this is part of the Downtown District, signs would have to be “goosenecked” lit or back lit with halo effect, but there were exceptions with this development and staff would have to review the approved ordinance. Member Baskin noted the Culver’s building and any subsequent changes have to be reviewed in context with the entire site, including The Fresh Market.

Chris McGuire said he would review these comments with the owner and get back to staff.

Tonya Zozulya noted in regards to the pergola design, only the Architectural Review Board needs to review and vote as this is a minor amendment to the special use.

Member Orzeske moved, seconded by Member Tapia the Architectural Review Board be continued to further review the request for a Minor Amendment to the Lincolnshire Marketplace Planned Unit Development to permit a revised pergola design for an outdoor seating area along the south façade for Culver’s Restaurant at 405 Milwaukee Avenue, as presented in the presentation packet dated February 9, 2018 to include materials, color, and texture and to include sample boards; adding thought given to how the pergola sits on the site, to include how it fits into the overall site including The Fresh Market.

Motion passed unanimously by voice vote to continue this request to the next Architectural Review Board Meeting.

4.0 Unfinished Business (None)

5.0 New Business (None)

6.0 Citizen Comments (None)

7.0 Adjournment

There being no further business, Chairman Kennerley adjourned the meeting at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, Carol Lustig Administrative Assistant, Community & Economic Development Dept.

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