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Thursday, November 21, 2019

City of Highland Park Plan and Design Commission met September 17

By Michael Abella | Nov 8, 2019

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City of Highland Park Plan and Design Commission met Sept. 17.

Here is the minutes provided by the commission:


At 7:30 PM Chair Hecht called the meeting to order and asked Director Fontane to call the roll.


Members Present: Hecht, Kutscheid, Leaf, Lidawer, Pearlstein, Reinstein

Members Absent: Glazer

Director Fontane took the roll and declared a quorum present.

Staff Present: Cross, Fontane, Kosmatka

Student Rep.: None

Council Liaison: Blumberg


July 2, 2019

Chair Hecht entertained a motion to approve the minutes of the July 2, 2019 meeting with corrections. Commissioner Lidawer so motioned, seconded by Vice Chair Reinstein. Commissioner Leaf abstained. On a voice vote, the minutes were approved unanimously.

July 16, 2019

Chair Hecht entertained a motion to approve the minutes of the July 16, 2019 meeting with corrections. Commissioner Lidawer so motioned, seconded by Commissioner Kutscheid. Vice Chair Reinstein abstained. On a voice vote, the minutes were approved unanimously.

August 6, 2019

Chair Hecht entertained a motion to approve the minutes of the August 6, 2019 meeting with corrections. Commissioner Lidawer so motioned, seconded by Vice Chair Reinstein. On a voice vote, the minutes were approved unanimously.

August 20, 2019

Chair Hecht entertained a motion to approve the minutes of the August 20, 2019 meeting with corrections. Commissioner Lidawer so motioned, seconded by Commissioner Pearlstein. On a voice vote, the minutes were approved unanimously.


1. Design Review for a Façade Renovation at 2058 First St.

Planner Kosmatka made a presentation for the above item including existing façade, façade restoration, proposed improvements, no changes in landscaping, proposed lighting, design context, neighbor recommendations, and recommendation.

Commissioner Kutscheid asked if the light shone through the top and bottom of the sconce.

Planner Kosmatka stated the light will shine outwards.

Commissioner Kutscheid asked if the light fixture was solid on the top.

Planner Cross stated the applicant could address this.

Mr. Joe Sciarrone, Applicant, stated the light is cut off on the top and bottom.

Commissioner Leaf mentioned the paint on the north and south walls and if they could sandblast it to clean it up.

Mr. Sciarrone stated they had removed the paint and had tuckpointed, so it is back to the original brick.

Commissioner Pearl stated she liked the materials.

Chair Hecht entertained a motion. Commissioner Kutscheid motioned to approve as submitted, seconded by Commissioner Pearlstein.

Director Fontane called the roll:

Ayes: Lidawer, Pearlstein, Leaf, Kutscheid, Reinstein, Hecht

Nays: None

Motion carried 6-0.

2. Continuation of Public Hearing #19-07-REZ-002 and Consideration of Staff- Drafted Findings of Fact Recommending Denial of an Amendment to the Map Boundaries of the Pedestrian Oriented Shopping Overlay (POSO) District on the Property Located in Port Clinton at 600-620 Central Ave.

Planner Cross stated staff did not have formal comments. The findings of fact constitute the recommendation of the Plan & Design Commission to City Council. Staff has drafted the findings to reflect the deliberation, discussion and comments from the public hearing. He asked for a motion to approve the findings of fact and these will be transmitted to City Council.

Commissioner Lidawer stated on page 104 of the packet, finding #5, stated “the Plan & Design Commission finds that residents of the whole city may benefit from the proposed map amendment which may reduce vacancy, however the Commission finds this map amendment will benefit the property owner and the specific tenant.” She asked if because one was a “may” and one was a “will” if that was why it was in there.

Planner Cross stated that was part of it and the idea of a zoning code change is that the whole city benefits from the zoning code and how it structures the POSO. It is intended to capture the fact that the zoning code and map are reflective of the City’s vision as a whole.

Commissioner Lidawer stated she did not see that their findings thought the City would benefit from the map amendment which is why they turned it down. She thought the second part was fine, but did not believe the first part was what was discussed.

Chair Hecht called for a motion. Commissioner Lidawer motioned to accept the findings of fact subject to the deletion of the first part of finding #5. Commissioner Pearlstein seconded.

Director Fontane called the roll:

Ayes: Lidawer, Pearlstein, Leaf, Kutscheid, Hecht Nays: Reinstein

Motion carried 5-1.

3. Public Hearing #19-09-SUP-003 for a Restaurant with Dancing and Entertainment, a Conditional Land Use in the B2-RW Zoning District, for Ravinia Brewing Located at 582 Roger Williams Ave.

4. Public Hearing #19-09-SUP-004 for an Outdoor Restaurant, a Conditional Land Use in the B2-RW Zoning District, for Ravinia Brewing Located at 582 Roger Williams Ave.

Items 3 and 4 will be considered concurrently.

Planner Cross made a presentation for the above items including restaurant location – 582 Roger Williams, application summary, background - land use and letter of intent, special use permits, conditions of approval, beer garden behind restaurant, photos, decibel levels, special use standards and recommendation.

Commission Leaf asked if the code was specific as far as occasional use.

Planner Cross stated it is clear on principal vs. accessory uses. Occasional dancing and entertainment are customary incidentals to a principal land use of a restaurant. It does not give a set number.

Director Fontane stated it is open to interpretation. People have celebrations and grand openings and they are not regulating those. If it becomes part of a business or happens on a regular basis, it has gone from what is acceptable to a different use in the use table.

Commissioner Leaf mentioned the packet and several emails asserting that Ravinia concerts will be louder that this conditional use. He asked if they had any readings from Ravinia.

Planner Cross stated they did not, but they could look into it to see if they had been done, and Ravinia might have some data in this regard.

Commissioner Kutscheid asked if the City had any sound requirements.

Director Fontane stated not for specific decibels. They had some for generators.

Chari Hecht asked if there was any standard.

Director Fontane stated there was a reasonableness standard.

Commissioner Leaf asked if the City owned a meter for checks.

Director Fontane stated no and it was a reasonableness standard. A police officer responding to a complaint of a nuisance will use that standard.

Commissioner Kutscheid asked if it was taken from the R.O.W.

Director Fontane stated it was a reasonableness standard and audible to the ear of a reasonable person at the location in the context. It is a judgment call.

Councilman Blumberg asked if that was the current standard for nuisance. Director Fontane confirmed this.

Councilman Blumberg asked if there was a complaint about the noise level exceeding 90 decibels.

Director Fontane stated if there is condition imposed that creates a standard that is a decibel standard, that is a different situation. This special permit can impose conditions that are enforceable. It cannot be in conflict with the other codes. It would be consistent with the zoning code. If there was a decibel level set for this that could be a clear way to delineate what they are talking about. Where sound measurements are taken is very important. Outdoor conditions change measurements. Noise is the perception of sound and there is subjectivity to this. Duration is important and for OSHA decibels of 85 or higher for more than eight hours is beyond an acceptable point. It depends on the distance and length and also what is in that length. Concrete is different than grass and trees.

Commissioner Lidawer stated when Wolters Field was developing they planned with neighbors for band practice or half-time shows. A lot of it was regulated by hours and distance and the way the speakers were facing. There was a lot of study by the City and she asked if it was possible to get the information in terms of distance and decibel level that was determined to be reasonable at those hours. The curfews proposed are in line with student curfews for weekends and weekdays. This is more limited. It was good they narrowed it for Saturday nights. She asked for statistics from the Wolters Field study. She mentioned the 14 letters of support and that there were 33 total. She asked if there was another side of the emails they did not see.

Planner Cross stated another side of emails was a difficult question to answer. Not all are in favor of the request.

Chair Hecht stated there is a group in the packet and posted on line.

Councilman Blumberg stated asking staff to comment on the qualitative nature of submissions is not appropriate.

Commissioner Lidawer stated she was asking if there were any not in support. The 14 she read were in support.

Chair Hecht stated there were two in the packet that were posted on line. Director Fontane read the nuisance ordinance.

Vice Chair Reinstein asked if there was an existing restaurant or bar in town playing music outside.

Planner Cross stated he was not aware of any special permits for a combination of these two.

Vice Chair Reinstein mentioned the Ravinia food truck night on Thursday nights and there is a band playing outside. He asked what time they have to stop playing.

Planner Cross stated he would have to find out.

Director Fontane stated that is a special event and regulated differently.

Vice Chair Reinstein asked about the special parameters for a special event.

Commissioner Leaf stated the applicant requested activities cease by 11:00 PM, but the certificate of occupancy stated closing at 10:30 PM. He asked if that had to be modified.

Director Fontane stated the certificate of occupancy is based on a restaurant and they have seating outside not outdoor dining in front along the public way. That is a separate matter allowed in the City. In the back they have restrictions on what proportions the seating can be outside. If those were the conditions that were imposed as part of the letter of intent then the determination was that this was a restaurant. If they go beyond those conditions they fall into a special use permit.

Commissioner Leaf asked if it had to be modified.

Director Fontane stated once they get this special permit they will be issued an occupancy for that use. This will be for a restaurant with entertainment and dancing and/or an outdoor restaurant.

Commissioner Leaf asked if they could serve food after 10:30 PM. Planner Cross stated yes.

Director Fontane stated the conditions of approval placed on these special uses have to be reasonably related to the standards you are trying to protect or mitigate. Hours of operation are things they can use to mitigate the nuisance.

Mr. Jeff Hoobler, Manager/Owner, made a presentation stating he was responsible for the restaurant, lives three blocks from restaurant, supports the neighborhood, beer garden has enough space, building is 1,200 s.f., 600-700 s.f. of dining space, allowed to have 52 seats outside, 58 seats in restaurant, 1900 s.f. outside, 25 l.f. on sidewalk, hindrance on business because people want to be outside in the summer, important to utilize the space they have, not looking for three times increase in seats, want ability to play music outside, have taken decibel reading and it is not above 90, 50-60 in front and 70 in the alley, maximum of 90, want to be given opportunity, music is very desirable and people want it, business suffers if they do not have music.

Dr. Athena Hoobler stated the restaurant is locally owned and operated, they love the community, there is a need in Highland Park for local gathering place, outdoor beer garden is a local favorite, family friendly place, brewery is about family, give back Mondays - 25% of proceeds are donated to charities, over $20,000 has been donated to local charities, charities bring in local talent for their events.

Mr. Paul Bumbaco, General Manager, stated they have been open a year, want to inspire more businesses to come into district, beer garden is shining star in summer months, they have 100 days to work with, 40% drop from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, room for 50 inside, seeing that 40% is tremendous drop, when they had outdoor music he checked decibel levels regularly from different angles, feedback from neighbors, they cut music at 9:45 PM and never went past 10:00 PM, they started at 6:45 PM and stopped at 9:45 PM on Fridays and Saturdays only, give back Mondays are inside.

Commissioner Kutscheid asked about the access to beer garden and if it was only through the restaurant.

Mr. Bumbaco stated there is a back exit and back gate that is accessible as well. Commissioner Kutscheid asked about the dancing.

Mr. Hoobler stated they have no intentions for dancing. Their only intention is music. They did have Irish dancers with bagpipes. They understand the limitations and hope they are practical. They have had high schoolers on the piano and guitar. They do not want to turn people down so they can have a show on Friday night.

Commissioner Kutscheid asked if the rear fence in the beer garden was visually solid. Mr. Hoobler stated it is staggered and is a privacy fence where the boards are overlaid. Commissioner Kutscheid asked about the height.

Mr. Hoobler stated it is 6’.

Commissioner Pearlstein asked if they had a happy hour.

Mr. Bumbaco stated they have a happy hour from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM and are open for lunch. They are open seven days a week and have brunch on Sunday.

Commissioner Lidawer asked about the capacity they are asking for.

Mr. Hoobler stated they are looking at 65%-75% increase or 80-90 people.

Commissioner Lidawer asked if they still intend to come in the corner near Walgreen’s.

Mr. Hoobler stated this is their permanent location.

Commissioner Lidawer asked if the extension is granted, is there a plan to install doors almost like glass garage doors so in the winter they can make use of part of the garden.

Mr. Hoobler stated they have not looked into that. He thought the allure of the outdoor space is nice weather and covering it would not bring in as much as some might expect. Also, it is not an easy space to cover.

Mr. Bumbaco stated the outdoor space gets them into November.

Vice Chair Reinstein asked if they want flexibility so if they had a band it would be set up outside. He stated had had seen one guy with a mic.

Mr. Hoobler stated 90% of the time it was one guy with a mic. They have bands such as the Ravinia Ramblers and they are a larger group with six or seven people. They do have a drum kit. There would be occasions when they would like to have a band such as this play. This would be more infrequent and they understand the limitations like the number of times they can have a bigger, louder band.

Vice Chair Reinstein asked if they had the Ravinia Ramblers on a Saturday night and they were playing outside, how long would they play.

Mr. Hoobler stated the suggested 11:00 PM but they are open. Mr. Bumbaco stated now it is 9:45 PM.

Vice Chair Reinstein asked if there had been complaints.

Mr. Hoobler stated that was part of it. They were trying to be good neighbors and come to a compromise and keep the sound down to certain levels. There are no rules so it is hard to come to a compromise.

Vice Chair Reinstein stated it has been his experience that the more they can button it down, the better it will be for them. Then if they are operating within those rules they are good. The more they can tell about the kinds of bands, how many pieces, where they are going to play, etc. the better. He stated there are three walls and asked how it is set up.

Mr. Hoobler stated the building is angled and it faces north toward Roger Williams. They are trying to limit the amount of noise.

Mr. Bumbaco stated they have set up the bands facing north to deflect the sound.

Commissioner Pearlstein stated they used to have different musical groups at Port Clinton on Thursday nights until 10:00 PM and it was very popular.

Mr. Hoobler stated they do something similar on Fridays in the city and it is amateur bands and they go to 10:00 PM or 11:00 PM.

Commissioner Lidawer asked if it would be too limiting if there was a stipulation that the only time they could have larger groups would be Friday and Saturday nights.

Mr. Hoobler stated that would be fine.

Councilman Blumberg stated currently they go until 9:45 PM because it accommodates some of the issues they have had. One of the differences is where they are located and where Port Clinton is located is that there are neighbors. They want to accommodate the concerns of neighbors as much as practicable. He asked if they are restricted as far as the cutoff times on Fridays and Saturdays to 9:45 PM would that be economically adequate for them.

Mr. Bumbaco stated when they had music out there and cut it off they did see more people staying past 9:45 PM. Now they are in a dead spot. They have seen a significant drop off since not having the music in the back.

Councilman Blumberg asked if they have the music will people tend to stay.

Mr. Bumbaco stated absolutely.

Mr. Hoobler stated they are open to discussions and 9:45 PM is better than not having music. Having the flexibility to go later would be good. They want the ability to have music and they are willing to make compromises. He stated the rules are very important and they have had cases where they have an acoustic guitar at 5:30 PM and have had complaints. It is a nuisance for the police and firm rules need to be in place.

Chair Hecht stated everyone had three minutes to speak.

The following residents expressed their concerns below:

Mr. Hal Malin

Mr. Dan Bern

Mr. Kurt Hrabe

Ms. Diane Hrabe

Ms. Reagan Christopolous

Mr. Tony Maiore

Mr. Noah Plotkin

Ms. Laura Brown

Ms. Amy Haggarty

Ms. Sara Hirsch

Mr. Yale Schrero

Mr. Dave Wigodner

Phone calls and police visits because of noise coming from Ravinia Brewing, upset that emails and letters had not been provided to Commission, entertainment requires a special use permit, outdoor dining and music must close by 10:30 PM seven days a week and this was continually violated, music is loud all summer, are not good neighbors, noise levels did not go down, cannot watch TV or have conversation in own house, volume of music, impairs value of property in neighborhood, cannot sit on deck and have conversations, noise is unacceptable, violation of certificate of occupancy, music was louder than boom box, cannot sit in back yard, have to close windows, noise bounces off the wall, had meeting with City staff, venue not sold as a music venue, wrong fit for neighborhood, back alley is a cement echo chamber, situation is unacceptable, when people talk the band plays louder, take music inside with doors closed, are no rules in City for music outside, amplifier is always on, Ravinia Brewery has provided music, has not heard music from his front yard, have been excellent for neighborhood, allowing live music is important, 49% for outdoor seating seems arbitrary, books music for Ravinia Brewery, only music on Fridays and Saturdays, neighborhood is resistant to change, great addition to neighborhood, likes the fact that families can go, can turn Ravinia into something, is what neighborhood needs, it is facilitating a turnaround, can risk success of brewery, brewery gave 25% to Botanic Garden for give back Mondays, went to Highwood for music before Ravinia Brewing, can bring families, no problem with conversation when they were there, is an important staple for community, sort of thing is a realization of a dream, worked on planning and were able to find compromise, need to make this happen.

Vice Chair Reinstein stated they were hearing different stories and in regard to the immediate neighbors, what was playing.

Mr. Hoobler stated anything and everything – they have had complaints about kids being too noisy, the police have been called, they have stormed into the restaurant and disturbed the patrons. It has been an acoustic guitar at 5:30 PM, it has been a give back Monday with the Ravinia School PTA and they came over and said the kids were too loud. This is what they have been dealing with.

Commissioner Leaf stated he was not sure he was ready to vote and thought they were lacking information. He wanted to see more specific conditions that they would be able to live by.

Vice Chair Reinstein thought they had to define the season when they are eating outside and when they have music outside. They should define hours and work with decibel levels. He would try to limit the loud decibels level events over the course of the season. He preferred not to try and figure it all out and would rather react to a proposal. He wanted them to address these four categories.

Mr. Hoobler stated he could provide the season now.

Vice Chair Reinstein stated they could categorize the acts into decibel levels, how often they play and what hours.

Commissioner Lidawer stated she wanted know precise seating in the alleyway and in the back.

Vice Chair Reinstein stated it is season, frequency, hours, decibels and days.

Councilman Blumberg stated regarding frequency, they were referring to frequency of louder entertainment. It might be helpful to distinguish that and give the Commission some idea.

Mr. Hoobler stated he would go over the recommendations to see if there are initial comments. There would be 90 seats outside. The frequency would be 90 decibels for one band per week on Friday or Saturday. It would be measured at the back wall. The season would be May 1st through November 15th. They would like 85 decibels to start. They do not want to set nights and are open to a certain number of nights for the total. For example of total three times a week and one night louder. They are comfortable with 10:00 PM and if they wanted to limit the louder bands it could be 9:30 PM.

Vice Chair Reinstein asked how long they play.

Mr. Bumbaco stated it was three hours with two breaks.

Commissioner Lidawer the later times should be limited to Friday or Saturday at 10:00 PM.

Vice Chair Reinstein asked about other days and what how long does the band play. Commissioner Lidawer suggested 9:00 PM.

Chair Hecht stated it is not up to the Commission to figure out what they want or how to run their business. It is up to them to come to the Commission with a plan and they can evaluate it from there. They need to see a concrete proposal.

Mr. Hoobler stated they will put it in writing.

Vice Chair Reinstein stated it seems 90 decibels is really loud.

Mr. Hoobler stated the OSHA requirement is 90 decibels continuously for eight hours with the meter in front of the speakers. It is the humming of a machine continuously at 90 decibels eight hours.

Vice Chair Reinstein asked if they would be looking to go 90 decibels once a week. Mr. Hoobler confirmed this.

Mr. Bumbaco stated it is not a constant.

Vice Chair Reinstein asked if they could do a study and 90 sounded loud to him. Chair Hecht asked what Highwood does.

Planner Cross stated a lot if it is situation by situation. Other communities have nuisance codes called performance standards which address more of an industrial type of issue. When it comes to musical venues it is more often a one by one special use permit. They can look and see what other performance standards are out there.

Commissioner Leaf thought there was a lot of data from Ravinia Festival as far as noise at their boundary.

Councilman Blumberg stated they were looking for concrete responses to the different issues raised they feel would be acceptable to their conducting business and would accommodate some of the concerns have expressed who are closer to their venue. Comparing this to other communities will be difficult. The Wolters Field advisory group does not have the concrete numbers they are expecting and has not experienced a consistency of response either from the neighbors or the high school. There is very little recorded that will be of value.

Commissioner Lidawer stated the one she would like to see information on is Fred’s Garage in Winnetka because there are homes around there and it is on Green Bay.

Commissioner Leaf stated he would like to see police reports about noise complaints.

Planner Cross stated it would be helpful to know what Commissioner Leaf hoped to glean from those. He asked if he wanted instances or dates.

Commissioner Leaf stated a summary would be good as far as the number of complaints. They had heard Community Development say it is an assessment by the officer on site. He was interested what the officers were writing into their reports.

Mr. Bumbaco stated he had conversations with the police. He has never been told by the police to shut down.

Planner Cross stated he could find records on file from the dispatcher.

Commissioner Leaf asked if there would be a written report.

Director Fontane stated if there is a question the Commission needs this information.

Commissioner Lidawer asked if it is accessible they would like to see it.

Chair Hecht stated it would be helpful to see. The main point is having a concrete proposal of what they are looking for and what they want.

Commissioner Lidawer stated the more parameters, the easier it will be to look at it. Mr. Hoobler stated the biggest difficulty is the decibel levels and the right number.

Director Fontane stated they need to understand the seating and layout. It is not a zoning matter and there are building codes and they can only go up to that amount.

Vice Chair Reinstein stated they are addressing if it can be outside or not.

Director Fontane stated they can limit the seating and there can be reasonable conditions.

Councilman Blumberg stated it could be number of seats limited pursuant to approval by staff relative to the configuration.

Director Fontane stated to the extent the Commission wants to be involved on how many seats are out there, he needed more information.

Mr. Hoobler stated they were applying to have more seats and the Fire Dept. would have to approve it. All they are applying for is to be an outdoor restaurant with more than 49%.

Director Fontane stated then that is no problem if that is where the Commission stays. Vice Chair Reinstein asked when they have performances outside do they lose seating.

Mr. Hoobler stated they may adjust the seating according to the people there, but in general it is the same.

Chair Hecht asked how much time they needed.

Planner Cross stated they could be on the October 22nd agenda.

Commissioner Lidawer asked about the rest of their season and if it was a special circumstance.

Mr. Hoobler stated they have stopped the outdoor music. Vice Chair Reinstein asked if they had indoor music.

Mr. Hoobler stated yes.

Chair Hecht asked if could add items to the special meeting. Planner Cross stated yes.

Councilman Blumberg stated before they consider this, they should be aware that neither he nor Councilman Stolberg will be at the meeting.

Planner Cross stated the Commission was interested in quite a few lines of research and staff will not be able to undertake that before the packet is posted.

Chair Hecht stated he did not see how they can do it for next week. Planner Cross stated there would be additional public testimony. Commissioner Kutscheid stated they could split the two items.

Commissioner Lidawer stated she would advocate giving them the ability to have outdoor seating. She motioned to grant the ability for Ravinia Brewery to have greater than 49% of seating outdoors in compliance with any regulations of the City. Commissioner Pearlstein seconded.

Chair Hecht stated to clarify, Commissioner Lidawer was moving to direct staff to prepare findings of fact with a recommendation to approve an outdoor restaurant, a conditional land use, #19-09-SUP-004. He stated this had to go before Council at the next meeting on October 15th.

Commissioner Lidawer stated if they did not do it until October 22nd then they do not do it until the following meeting. She thought they could take care of one of the issues.

Vice Chair Reinstein asked if there was a proposed season for outdoor seating.

Mr. Hoobler stated it was March 1st to December 1st.

Vice Chair Reinstein stated the motion does not entertain the season and if there should be one. His amendment would be that the outdoor restaurant be permitted subject to the season as requested, March 1st to December 1st. He thought they should wait until the next meeting.

Commissioner Lidawer asked Commissioner Reinstein if he was withdrawing his amendment.

Vice Chair Reinstein stated he was debating the season proposed.

Commissioner Lidawer stated if they recommend to Council that there be outdoor seating and they do not delimit it and it goes before Council on October 15th, Council might delimit it.

Councilman Blumberg stated he did not think they had enough to make that decision.

Commissioner Lidawer stated this is something they can add on to when they are talking about the music component.

Councilman Blumberg thought they should be considered together and it would be beneficial to discuss them together.

Planner Cross asked Commissioner Lidawer if she wished to withdraw her motion.

Commissioner Lidawer withdrew her motion.

Chair Hecht motioned to continue items #19-09-SUP-003 and #19-09-SUP-004 to October 22nd. Vice Chair Reinstein so motioned, seconded by Commissioner Kutscheid. On a voice vote, the motion passed 5-1. Commissioner Lidawer voted nay.

Commissioner Lidawer asked when the next Council meeting was after October 22nd.

Planner Cross stated it was October 28th, but they should not rely on this. He suggested November 11th.

Planner Cross stated there would be no additional notice.


1. Administrative Design Review Approvals - None

2. Meeting Resolution for 2020

Director Fontane stated in speaking with the City Manager and Mayor about the length of time the Commission needs to deliberate on matters, there was mention made of moving the start time to 6:30 PM for 2020.

Vice Chair Reinstein stated he did not like it.

Planner Cross stated nothing is written stone and the idea was to run it by the Commission and get feedback. They do not have to approve it tonight.

Planner Cross stated they can put it on the next agenda.

3. Census 2020 Awareness

Planner Cross stated they are broadcasting this to all the commissions, boards and advisory groups to pay attention to the census 2020 information.

4. City of Highland Park Ethics Guidelines

Planner Cross stated they would have the opportunity to look over ethics guidelines at the legal training on November 5th and Council has been talking about this briefly at the Committee of the Whole.

Director Fontane stated Council is taking this up at the Committee of the Whole meeting. He apologized for being tardy in sending this to the Commission. The item is still being discussed by Council and it was just an invitation so the Commission would know, not an expectation to attend. They will have it on the Council agenda September 23rd if they want to attend. It is not a public hearing, but a discussion about the ethics standards in the code.

Chair Hecht asked what it is and has it been in force.

Director Fontane stated it is for just discussion. It could lead to changes of an affirmation.

Vice Chair Reinstein stated it has been revised every other year.

Planner Cross stated there are no issues, just routine maintenance.

Vice Chair Reinstein asked what happened to the affordable item which went through Council.

Director Fontane stated it was taken up and Council has asked a number of questions pertaining to that and the housing program in general. Staff has put together a series of reports and they are going to be issuing another report. They did a housing program and housing stock report. They are coming back with a report with regard to roles and responsibilities. They will be taking up Article 21 again setting the stage so everyone has complete information about the program and how it works.

Commissioner Leaf asked about having an agenda item for assisted living units as far as density and parking.

Director Fontane asked what date they would like and they will put it on the agenda.

Planner Cross stated the idea was not to have staff do research at this point.

Commissioner Leaf stated it was to get a sense of the Commission because they did not totally agree and he felt these assisted living developments cause more impact that what the code asked them to do.

Planner Cross stated the Commission’s input would be sent to Council and if there is interest on their part it would be placed on a work plan.

Director Fontane stated the Commissioner can ask staff to send to Council that the Commission believes this is an item that should taken up for discussion.

Commissioner Leaf stated they should discuss it first as a commission.

Chair Hecht asked if they had an agenda with time.

Commissioner Leaf stated October 22nd look crowded with Solo Cup.

Planner Cross stated Solo Cup had not submitted plans yet and the deadline is nigh. If they decide not to submit then that lightens the agenda up.

Vice Chair Reinstein asked if they would receive a packet for next week. Planner Cross stated yes.

Director Fontane stated depending on what stays on the agenda for October 22nd, they will add it and if it is not October 22nd it will be in November.


Mr. Mark Paley stated this was his first meeting and he thought the Commission was going a great job.


Chair Hecht entertained a motion to adjourn. Commissioner Lidawer so motioned, seconded by Vice Chair Reinstein. On a voice vote, the motion passed unanimously.

The Plan and Design Commission adjourned at 10:00 PM.

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